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The interiors and exhibitions of the Museum in Kwidzyn are open to the public:



Information on current ticket prices can be found in the museum’s price list.

Guided tours.

It is possible to hire a Guide who will show you around the museum. For this purpose, please contact us in advance at: (55) 646-37-80.

Sightseeing with an AudioGuide.

It is possible to rent audioguides with recordings supporting the tour of the museum. An individual lecturer leads the visitor through all the exhibitions and interiors of the museum, adding color to the tour with stories about the history of the castle.

Visitors planning to visit in groups of more than 15 people. please inform us in advance about the date of your planned arrival in order to synchronize traffic in the museum.


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Opening Hours

  • Tu - Sun:9:00 - 15:00
  • Wen - Sun:9:00 - 15:00


Tourist Information

  • +48 55 646 37 80
  • +48 55 647 09 02
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