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Museal Education

Museum Education at the Castle in Kwidzyn

Classes at the Museum in Kwidzyn take place from Tuesday to Friday from 9.00 to 15.00. Lessons can be booked by phone or by e-mail:

Topictel. e-mail
History and Art Department55 646 3794l.rzepczynski[at]
Ethnography and Archeology Department55 646 3796j.jezierska[at]
Education Department+48 727 522 159w.rudzka[at}


Please provide the topic of the class (see: TOPICS), address and phone number of the school, class, as well as the name of the teacher or guardian and contact phone number, date of the meeting and the number of participants. The order of applications applies. At the teacher’s request, the Museum confirms the acceptance of the application in writing.

We do not conduct lessons with groups that have not been registered!


Payment for lessons:

1. Museum lessons should be reported at least 2 weeks in advance.
2. Participants of museum lessons participate in classes on the basis of purchased tickets for a museum lesson (see: TICKET PRICE LIST). If the participants of the museum lesson also plan to visit museum exhibitions, they are required to purchase an additional admission ticket.
3. Group tutors are exempt from fees.


1. The guardian is obliged to stay with the group throughout the duration of the classes.
2. Duration of classes from 1 – 1.5 hours.
3. We accept one class for classes – we do not combine classes.
4. Please come to classes on time, a group that is more than 15 minutes late may not be accepted.
5. In the event of resignation from the ordered lesson, please contact us immediately by phone.

Topics of museum lessons

“Profession: archaeologist” – archeology as a science and basics of an archaeologist’s workshop. (Avg*);
“Man in the Palaeolithic Age” – everyday life and achievements of this period (SP I-VIII*);
“Neolithic and its achievements” – the first civilizations in the history of mankind (SP I-VIII, SŚr*);
“From a flint ax to a steel ax” – the basics of knowledge about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages (SP I-VI *);
Ethnography and History
“Ceramic workshops” – traditional methods of making dishes and the use of one of them in practice (hand-made pottery) (Ple, SP I-III*);
“Weaving workshops” – traditional weaving methods and application of one of the methods in practice (weaving on frames) (SP I-VIII, SŚr*);
“Medieval weapons and armament” – militaria, their types and development in the Polish territories in the years 700 – 1500 CE (Avg*);
“With chronology for your brother” – various ways of periodizing the history of mankind (SP IV-VIII*);
“On the Mennonite Trail” – about everyday life of settlers from the Netherlands in the Kwidzyn Valley (SP I-VIII*);

History of art

“Museum – a temple of muses” – What is a museum and why was it created (Ple, SP I-III*);
“Brick Colossi” – Elements of Gothic architecture on the example of the castle and cathedral in Kwidzyn (SP VI-VII, SŚr*);
“Quidin-Marienwerdr-Kwidzyn” – History of the city of Kwidzyn (SP IV-VIII, SŚr*);
“Castle as a defensive structure” – about castles, their construction and function on the example of Kwidzyn (SP I-VIII*);


Chamber classes
“- Animals of Northern Poland – workshops in clay (Ple, Primary School I-III)

*- classes dedicated to the school level: Ple – kindergarten, Primary School – Primary School (grades: I-III or IV-VIII), SŚr – High School, Ad – Adults


Reading room – materials to download

Reading is to the mind what gymnastics is to the body.

(author unknown)

We invite you to download and read:

1. Articles concerning the collections of the Museum in Kwidzyn:

Herbarium of Johann Peil – the work of a naturalist from before the epoch – Juźwiak A. (2012) Herbarium of Johann Peil – the work of a naturalist from before the epoch. [in] Protection of nature and cultural heritage of the Lower Vistula Valley, Vol. I, Chełmiński and Nadwiślański Landscape Park Complex, Świecie, pp. 60-65

2. Museum publications

Nature exhibition at the Museum in Kwidzyn. Teaching guide – Juźwiak A., Sudoł D. (2011) Nature exhibition at the Museum in Kwidzyn. Didactic guide. Eco-Initiative Association, Kwidzyn (ISBN: 987-83-928027-4-7)

3. Studies and bibliographies

Natural bibliography of Powiśle – a table of records in the .xls format for download, it is supplemented and updated on an ongoing basis.


Field games

Do you like adventures, solving puzzles and discovering mysteries? Do you like learning about cultural and natural heritage? Have you ever dreamed of being |Indiana Jones or Mr. Toy Car? If you answered yes to any of these questions, be sure to take part in the field games we have prepared for you. Together with the community



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